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What Makes Skyline Different?

over 3 years ago

Skyline Academy is a small school with big opportunities. We offer our students every opportunity offered by a public high school and some unique to our particular setting.

Skyline Academy is set up to serve all types of high school students. Skyline focuses on two specific types of students. The students who need more help and one-on-one time with teachers, and those who are very independent learners. No matter which type you happen to be, we have a way to help you meet your needs. 

Skyline Academy uses an in-depth learning program called Edgenuity.  This program allows students access to take accredited high school level classes online. Classes are assigned to each student with a successful high school career in mind.

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One unique quality Skyline Academy possesses is our small class size. The 7 to 1 ratio of students to teachers helps with each students specific and material-based comprehensive needs. The smaller class sizes help each student to have one-on-one learning with their teacher. Skyline Academy is home to a staff of teachers and paraprofessionals whose goal is to help you to succeed.

Academically, Skyline Academy is held to the same standards as other public high schools in Wyoming.  Our students are required to participate in all state required assessments, are provided with the same Hathaway opportunities for post-secondary education, and are required to complete the same 25 credits for high school graduation.

Since many of our students are eager to complete their graduation requirements at their own pace, Skyline offers unique opportunities that are not found in a traditional high school.  Any student, with school board approval, may graduate immediately following the completion of all required classes.  In addition to earning credits through Edgenuity and through teacher led classes, students may also earn credits at Skyline by demonstrating mastery through end of course cumulative exams.  With the principal’s permission any Skyline student may earn credit by completing a cumulative exam with a mastery score of at least 90%.


Monday-Thursday: 7:50-3:07

Friday: 7:50-1:30
Skyline Academy Handbook 18-19
  • Statement of Nondiscrimination
    Applicants for admission and employment, students, parents, persons with disabilities, employees, and professional organizations holding professional agreements with Sublette County School District #1 are hereby notified that this district does not discriminate on the basis of Age, Color, Disability, National Origin, Pregnancy, Race, Religion, Sex, or Sexual Orientation in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs and activities.
    Los solicitantes para la inscripción y el empleo, los estudiantes, los padres, las personas con discapacidad, los empleados y las organizaciones profesionales en acuerdos profesionales con el distrito escolar del condado de Sublette # 1 se le notifica que este distrito no discrimina en base a la Edad, Color, Discapacidad, Origen Nacional, Embarazo, Raza, Religión, Sexo, u Orientación Sexual en la admisión o acceso a, o tratamiento o empleo en, sus programas y actividades.
About Skyline
Skyline Academy is a fully accredited high school. Our school provides an opportunity for at-risk students to be successful in obtaining their high school diploma. We also have students who attend Skyline Academy, with the principal and parent permission, depending on our limited enrollment at the time.

Our vision is "Expect Success", and our staff and students embody this vision daily. Skyline Academy is a place where students are expected to be successful, the staff will provide resources and support to ensure student success, and parents support the school in providing these resources and support.

Skyline was originally started in 2012 as a satellite classroom with one certified teacher and one paraprofessional. We have since grown to a staff of two certified teachers, one paraprofessional, and a principal. We are currently serving twenty two students.

Skyline students are held to a high standard of behavior, but also have unique educational opportunities. We have a specialized dress code, student handbook, and daily behavior reports. Students have many opportunities for field trips, character education, career planning, unique elective classes, and dedicated daily reading time. Our students also have the opportunity to earn credit in ways other than seat time, and at a faster pace than traditional high schools.

Skyline's colors are purple, black, and gold and the mascot is the hawk.